The complete package.

Have you heard of Cosmopolitan Yogurt? What about Google Glass? Life Savers soft drinks? Bic underwear? Probably not. After the months of trial and error in idea generation, screening, concept development, product development, and commercialization, you finally have the perfect product that is destined to succeed – right? Well, not exactly.

Every year, 95% of new products will fail.

It doesn’t matter if your product is backed by an established company or big brand, as the nature of consumerism has shifted from what it once was due to the increase in product offerings. Most consumers don’t have time to weigh out the pros and cons of products, the average consumer only scans retail shelves for 20 seconds or less. Consumer loyalty has also gradually diminished as consumers have an extensive scope of choices. So, how do consumers decide on products?  

We’ll tell you the secret: it’s product packaging. 

Product packaging has the biggest impact on consumer buying decisions. New 2021 studies show that consumers care more about product packaging than the products within them. At ENPOINTE, we are motivated by this trend to make your products stand out to consumers over your competition.Packaging must communicate value, brand, and deliver more than its competitors. Let’s check out three of our favorite packaging designs of 2021:

1. Milk Bar’s Milk Carton Packaging

Milk Bar’s packaging tells a visual story and provides a nostalgic element. As if their old-fashioned milk carton packaging did not help their brand stand out enough on the shelf, Milk Bar taps into bright aggressive colors such as bright pink, blue, and yellow on their strategically smaller sized cartons so consumers can immediately spot, grab and go – creating a retail experience unlike any other cookie brand.

2. Fenty Beauty’s Makeup Packaging

Fenty Beauty, Rhianna’s new makeup line has taken the beauty world by storm – and the retail packaging world. The Fenty Beauty products are encased in minimalistic octagonal and hexagonal shaped boxes, a structure that speaks to the complexity of the products and how Fenty Beauty surpasses the norm – with their packaging and products. Not only does the makeup line’s packaging take a chic minimalistic and modern structural approach, but it’s also earth conscious. All product packaging is 100% recyclable and features PCR (post-consumer-recycled) materials.

3. 818 Tequila

New to the spirits industry and already breaking records, stores cannot seem to keep Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila on their shelves. The 818 Tequila packaging is even being used as décor to promote the product. The packaging features minimalistic and neutral, agave-inspired tones, and is sustainable as it’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for coming from sustainably managed forests.

So, how can you join the 5% of successfully launched products? Get the right packaging and choose the right team.

Finding a partner that understands packaging creative, structural design, and marketing activation is a nearly impossible task. To have effective packaging, you must work with a team that understands end-to-end marketing. From creative, to structural design + print, ENPOINTE is your full-service team that make your product box out the rest of the competition.

Do you have a product launch coming up soon? Do you want to be a part of the 5% of products that succeed? Consider ENPOINTE, because we think outside the box. ENPOINTE considers retail presence in the structuring of our packaging. A few of our attention-grabbing techniques include special coatings and embellishments, innovative structural design, sustainability in packaging, and more.

Let’s get your products off the shelves and be the 5%.

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