One printed piece away from your next getaway.

4 million hosts, 100,000 cities, 191 countries, unlimited travel. In the highly competitive market of travel, Airbnb continues to be the go-to-route when looking for an escape. The online marketplace used for booking rentals or lodging, has become a reliable community for travelers and vacationers alike. In order to elevate the feeling of connection and belonging, Airbnb partnered with ENPOINTE to invite the wanderlust to use Airbnb for their next trip through print marketing.

Consumers often gravitate towards the Airbnb “Super Host” category which led Airbnb to create the hospitality handbook. In the simple yet elegant hard cover printed wrapped book, this piece was beautifully designed and printed on our HP Indigo presses and Smyth sew bind, which was surprisingly fast to construct making for a high quality, perfect solution for a short run.

ENPOINTE offers luxury travel magazines, interactive and personalized direct mail, hospitality handbooks, and anything else you can dream up.