A Quick Scan Over QR Codes + Print

Stumped on how you can incorporate digital into tangible? We know print is a reliable marketing tool due to its tangibility – but how can we use it to drive consumers to digital?

QR Codes can drive users to any digital platform you want your users to see. We recommend driving traffic to the following websites for optimum success:

  • Websites, Landing Pages, or Social Media
  • App Downloads
  • To Send an Email, Message, Call or Review
  • E-Commerce
  • Fill Out Forms (and Gather First Party Data!)
    • Collect First Party Data: Driving consumers to a landing page with a form-fill or pop-up to collect first party data in exchange for the offer or content from the QR Code

Items to Keep in Mind While Printing:

Keep it simple. Make sure your QR is easily recognizable and simply designed. If you make the QR an obstacle to find, then it may be overlooked.

Avoid multiple QR codes.

Adopt the correct sizing. Industry experts recommend the minimum sizing of 32x32mm.

Create a CTA. What is calling viewers to scan the QR Code? What will the users get out of the QR code? Create a simple yet strategic message that compels viewers to scan.

Consider the substrate it’s being printed on. Make sure the viewer sees the CTA, avoid shiny or textured services, and ensure the QR contrasts enough from the print piece.

Check your content. Make sure the QR works! If your QR code does not work, it will reflect poorly on your brand and create a poor consumer experience.

Ready to get scanning? Get the best of both worlds of digital and tangible marketing by including a QR Code in your print today.