Andrew Harper Travel

The world awaits.

Andrew Harper Travel, the full-service luxury travel agency, specializes in creating custom travel experiences that offer everything and anything for the globally curious. From commercial air to private jets and yachts, to private tours and fairytale-like destinations, Andrew Harper makes your bucket list come to life with their tailor-made trips. The luxe life is not limited to their travels; Instead, Andrew Harper’s activation marketing brings a touch of luxury into the hands of its consumers. Whether it be their hard or softcover directory, packaging, or postcards, ENPOINTE makes sure that each piece exudes the same amount of customization and lavishness as their trips. Andrew Harper runs a soft-touch coating on almost all print pieces to highlight the luxury in all brands showcased. The hardcover directory is a laminated soft-touch cover to provide an even more elevated branding experience.

inside spread of the travel directory
cover image of travel brochure showing the soft touch laminate
outside bind of the hard cover book for Andrew Harper travel brochure
inside spread of Andrew Harper travel brochure showing a flipped out page
a side view of the binding of the hard cover book
closeup view of andrew harper brochure cover
The soft-touch textile has become a crucial part of Andrew Harper’s branding experience. Activation marketing brings a touch of luxury into the hands of its consumers.
several travel brochure covers
several stacked travel brochures showing covers
inside spread of travel brochure showing relaxing blue water