Andersen Windows

A Clear Reflection of At-Home Expression

After 115 years of leading the industry, setting high standards, and engineering new products, Andersen is widely known for being America’s premier window manufacturer. With the intention to create a transparent reflection of the well-known brand’s synonymous attributes, such as comfort, security, and design, ENPOINTE worked as an extension to Andersen Corporate’s team to bring the brand to life and into the homes of its consumers through print marketing. Utilizing UV coatings, along with a combination of strike through varnishes, soft touch aqueous, and other techniques for the internal pages, ENPOINTE ensures our print would bring out the best in Andersen products.

sample of Andersen window brochure fanned on table
inside spread of Andersen Windows brochure showing beautiful windows on outside of home
inside spread of andersen windows brochure showing sample color of trim
The Andersen PMS orange runs consistently, whether pieces are sheetfed web or digital. All orange inks and tints are calibrated to maintain Andersen branding.
inside spread of brochure showcasing sliding glass doors
a closeup of several andersen windows brochure covers
several andersen windows brochure covers showing a perfect bound spine
closeup view of the andersen windows logo on back of brochure