ENPOINTE expands operations with cutting-edge facilities.

In a strategic move, ENPOINTE, a leader in print and fulfillment services, has marked a significant milestone in its growth by adding a second production facility in Brooklyn Park, MN. The expansion aligns seamlessly with the company’s vision, exemplified by the theme for 2023 – the “Year of the Move.”

The new production facility, situated adjacent to the existing one, represents a leap forward in operational efficiency. Todd Matuska, the CEO and President of ENPOINTE, expressed his excitement about the expansion, stating, “I am very excited about moving into this new facility. It has improved efficiencies in managing our workflow, enhanced labor resource management, and allowed us to enhance our green initiatives.”

As part of this expansion, ENPOINTE has installed a state-of-the-art six-color Mitsubishi full web press at the new production facility. This press boasts remarkable speed efficiencies, enhanced color controls, and a wide range of folding capabilities. With all ENPOINTE production now consolidated on one campus, connected by a convenient skyway, the company is well-poised for streamlined and cohesive operations.

Notably, ENPOINTE has not limited its expansion to production alone. A new climate-controlled Fulfillment Center has been established in close proximity to the production facilities. Spanning 50,000 square feet, this modern facility provides secure storage, efficient fulfillment, kitting, and distribution services for ENPOINTE’s customers, with ample room for future growth.

The Fulfillment Center’s design reflects a doubling of ENPOINTE’s storage capacity, a revamped kitting area, and additional storage for raw materials. A warehouse picking system, equipped with real-time information feedback to customers, has also been integrated to enhance decision-making processes.

Ricardo Santiago, Director of Operations at ENPOINTE, highlighted the significance of the Fulfillment Center: “The added space in our new fulfillment center has been a growing need of our clients. We do so much more than print. Our fulfillment offerings provide clients with brand control along with the ability to scale when they need to.”

Gary Garner, Chairman of ENPOINTE, acknowledged the complexity of moving a mature print production facility and commended the dedication of the employees and suppliers involved. “We are proud to have successfully executed these moves without any disruption to our customers. This is a huge credit to the employees of ENPOINTE and many suppliers who assisted in this success.”

ENPOINTE’s strategic vision remains steadfast – continuing to invest in digital and high-end print technologies to fortify client partnerships and maintain its position as an industry leader. The expansion into advanced facilities solidifies ENPOINTE’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Check out ENPOINTE’s “Year of the Move” video at https://youtu.be/UDCAIKit_Ig