Select Hotels & Resorts

Grab your copy of SELECT Magazine and your passport.

In a world in which revenge-travel has become a hot topic, SELECT Hotels and Resorts, the world-renowned value-added amenity program, offers 5-star resorts and VIP privileges that create authentic experiences for even the most seasoned travelers. SELECT has become a necessity for travelers and the wanderlust alike, in the highly competitive travel industry, while also marketing to invited hotels and resorts to become a part of the ‘SELECT’ experience.

In partnering with ENPOINTE to print their luxurious travel pieces, in which recipients can take a 10-second vacation, we produced the covers on our HP Indigo with a gloss UV coating, with digital color variable printing so the pieces would be specific to each travel agency that participates in the SELECT program. Pieces were crafted, mailed, and distributed by ENPOINTE.

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