Just Print It.

From their iconic swoosh to their urbane excellence and timeless products, experiences, and services, NIKE is easily one of the most recognizable and authentic brands in the world. The multinational conglomerate houses numerous authentic brands and continues to bring innovation and creativity to every athlete.

When it comes to print marketing for one of the world’s most iconic companies, we knew it had to be a slam-dunk. NIKE could go anywhere, but they chose us. Ensuring our work embodied NIKE’s vision seamlessly, we partnered with their team to create the featured works of art:

  • In an additional NIKE piece, used to highlight the US Olympic Tokyo Teams, NIKE asked us to research for a 100% recyclable unique substrate that you can find exclusively with ENPOINTE. Using 100% crushed rock, we went above and beyond using UV inks specific line screen to print this one-of-a-kind piece, on Rock Paper substrate, making this a high quality, unique brochure.
‘Every Stitch Considered’ (ESC) captures the traditional tailoring and an urbane elegance, this art was printed 4cp (rich black) on our offset press with black singer sewn binding.