HP, Inc.

Heightened Positioning

HP, the globally recognized brand, selected the ENPOINTE agency to help them convert new prospects and current clients to the PageWide web press T250 HD. HP’s goal was to effectively show clients how high quality the press is, from a color, resolution, and capability perspective, despite the T250 being a web-based printer.

HP asked ENPOINTE to help create sales collateral to promote the press, using a few of our engineered interactive print pieces that clients could interact with. Additionally, HP asked ENPOINTE to create imitation brands that reflect their current clientele, to demonstrate the range of capabilities of the T250 press. Using a series of three marketing activation pieces each, ranging from direct mail and brochures to posters, the ENPOINTE team created campaigns focused on real estate, automotive, travel, finance, hospitality, spirits and furniture, that showcased the variability of content being swapped out.

ENPOINTE’s attention to detail with the sales collateral showcased the agency’s branding abilities down to the tiniest details. The agency went as far to name some of the imitation brands with two-worded names, starting with an H and P, representing the “HP” brand. Creative brand styling, photography and unique layouts were provided in the branded materials, allowing HP sales teams to sell their T250 press more effectively.

After several years of partnership, HP continues to work with the ENPOINTE agency to develop their promotional sales collateral as it has proven to accelerate the extensive selling process of their high-end equipment.