Catholic Charities

Digitally driven ‘do-gooders.’

Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis serves those most in need, working to solve poverty, create opportunity, and advocate for justice in the Twin Cities. ENPOINTE supports this mission by creating fundraising appeals that feature compelling stories to touch donors’ hearts and minds. Personalized direct mail is complemented by integrated paid search and social ads.

During the pandemic, Catholic Charities increased their investment in digital to reach donors and prospects who were increasingly online. Ongoing testing and tweaking of the digital campaigns helped us understand which stories, words and messages worked best to drive engagement. At a time when donors were being bombarded by requests from nonprofits, Catholic Charities saw an impressive increase in impressions, clicks, and conversions (donations). Based on the success of these outreach efforts, Catholic Charities increased their investment in digital for FY21.

For every dollar spent on Google ads, Catholic Charities averaged approximately $14 in donations and an average of $5 in donations for every dollar spent on social.