House of Charity

Expanding hope for the homeless.

House of Charity, a Minneapolis non-profit with a goal to transform lives, needed a transformation in their branding in order to fund a facilities expansion. With a goal of soliciting to high-net-worth individuals and large corporations, House of Charity required quality branded materials that evoked an emotional appeal and displayed a high degree of credibility for the organization while highlighting the needs of the community.

Upon partnering with ENPOINTE, we crafted high-impact stories of those being helped coupled with authentic, first person photography to create a fundraising brochure, as well as an updated website design and multiple extended applications such as social, display ads, emails and an annual report. Our strategy built on insights of true empathy was applied in order to successfully drive funding for an incredibly worthy cause.

Emotional connection is the core of solutions that helped House of Charity achieve their fundraising goals ahead of schedule.