Staples for Coca-Cola

Crack open a can of iconic marketing – it’s that easy.

From a soda company with one of the most recognizable logos globally, to a company that is synonymous with the famous phrase “that was easy”, two of the world’s most iconic brands collide in their recent collaboration, a Staples for Coca-Cola printed catalog. In a refreshing printed piece splashing their distinguishable hues of red and whites, ENPOINTE partnered with the companies to provide a printed marketing piece that made even the most skeptical consumers thirsty for more. This was printed on a heavy weight paper and includes perforations in the catalog.

Keeping the user in mind for the catalog design, we constructed a sheet of branded post-in-note flags for the user to “flag” pages of the catalog for items they want. These flags have adhesive on half of the label, allowing for easy application to the page of the catalog and flags the top of the pages for easy reference.