Todd Matuska

President, Chief Executive Officer

Todd Matuska

Todd Matuska is a dedicated advocate for fostering meaningful relationships and harbors a forward-looking vision. With a career spanning 31 years, he has been instrumental in assisting clients in discovering optimal solutions for their brands. Todd’s expertise in printing and marketing has left an indelible mark on diverse industries, including finance, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, retail, travel, healthcare, and nonprofits, to name just a few.

His extensive experience in commercial print, labels, packaging, pre-media, and marketing has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of various facets of client brand communications. Todd’s ability to comprehend client needs and address their challenges serves as the driving force behind his creation of strategic and innovative approaches to yield impactful results.

Todd emphasizes the importance of the TEAM approach—Together Everyone Achieves More—as the key to achieving the best outcomes. He recognizes that synergies between different aspects of an organization are crucial for success, whether it involves aligning strategy and creativity or coordinating client services and production. Todd actively facilitates these relationships, bringing together individuals with the necessary expertise and skills to devise effective solutions. His affable nature makes him a people person, and he channels his energy and enthusiasm into creating a positive force. Whether through humor or storytelling, Todd has a knack for uniting people to accomplish goals.

When not immersed in a whirlwind of meetings, calls, and emails, Todd can be found seeking tranquility at his cabin, engaging in activities such as hunting and fishing. Alternatively, he might be enjoying adventurous pursuits like snowmobiling or off-roading on his ATV. 

"The only constant in life is change. It’s how we adapt to change that writes history."