Safe Reflections Inc.

Safety without playing it safe.

Safe Reflections Inc. is a high-tech, best-in-class B2B manufacturer of clothing reflective materials, made for outdoor workwear and the military. In order to expand their business in athletic wear, Safe Reflections proposed their challenge to ENPOINTE to elevate their brand presence to appeal to big-name prospects, such as Adidas, NIKE and Harley Davidson.

After conducting rigorous research, ENPOINTE provided a solution that was as impactful as the products. ENPOINTE determined that several modifications were needed – beginning with a refined brand strategy that inspired a new brand identity for images, messages and voice, as well as the development of a new user-centric and striking website that reflected what stylistic B2C athletic brands are searching for.

2019 AdFed Award Winner. An impactful online experience begins with eye-catching, engaging web design.

2019 AdFed Award Winner