North Hennepin Community College

Elevate as you Educate

North Hennepin Community College (NHCC), a member of Minnesota State Colleges, approached ENPOINTE with the goal of a brand refresh that would elevate their identity to the level of distinctiveness and quality that their college represents. Being a global-minded, diverse collegiate community, educating students from all over the globe, immediately ENPOINTE was inspired by NHCC’s students, community, and culture to build their new brand.

Through research, the NHCC brand was strategically designed by conducting a complete brand refresh, starting from the ground up. Our brand strategy included providing a visual identity system, brand usage guidelines, a full letterhead system, a new presidential seal, and a logo that would appeal to new students and inspire the collegiate community. The visual identity system nods at the college’s proud diversity through the semi-transparent design that features a stream of bright colors intersecting, thus producing additional colors.

This visual identity system expresses the importance of the community’s interconnectedness, the variety of individual backgrounds and experiences, and to show that once these experiences intermingle, they enrich themselves as they overlap.