Tom Gallus

Art Director

An eye for design and a mindset wired for innovation. Tom Gallus is highly skilled at providing fresh, strategic, and elegant design ideas that elevate client’s products and advance their business objectives. With strengths in multiple areas – graphic design, digital design, motion design, UX design, and branding – Tom is a highly versatile team player.

When Tom isn’t pushing pixels around on a computer, he is spending time with his wife and two daughters, working on a major house remodel, or making a coffee run for an Americano.

I prefer tea over any kind of coffee.
While in England, I was a guest in the actual Harry Potter Castle for 2 weeks.
I have curated a vintage doll collection.

“With the right approach, motion graphics can breakdown complex information to deliver a simple and clear message through visual storytelling. They reach people in different ways, help brands share their story, and can present a message in compelling packages.”