Jackie Marthaler

Creative Manager

Jackie is a versatile and efficient creative we love to have on our toolbelt. She proudly considers herself an ‘OG’ at ENPOINTE, she has worn many hats during her time here, and has seen many changes along the way. The constant is her detailed approach to everything she does. A right brain left brain thinker…she can craft ideas that can gain attention and methodically process how to produce quality creative with ease and a lot of common sense.

While away from the Creative Guru’s in the Agency, Jackie can be found hands in the dirt, creating a visual paradise in her perennial gardens, or hauling plants to share with family and friends. Jackie also has a very competitive spirit with her husband Neil and daughters Sam and Katie. She loves kicking some butt playing cards or board games at the dinner table. And if you think she will let you win….no way… winning is always earned…even when her daughters were very little.

I had to catch 5400 chickens per shift for my very first job during high school.
I have never watched the TV series Friday Night Lights.
I ‘ran the table’ in the national billiard tourney in Las Vegas to move my team onto the next round.

“If you’re not first… you’re last.”