Feroze Iqbal

Account Executive

Feroze Iqbal

(Pronounced Froze, just like our Minnesota winters 😊)

Feroze brings 28+ years of Print, Direct Mail and Omni Channel Marketing expertise delivering impactful ROI. He entered the industry to fund his college education and was instantly hooked. He owned a thriving print / direct mail business, until he sold this in 2000 before moving to Dubai for several years to be close to an ill family member. Feroze is back in Minnesota, consistently learning, teaching, and implementing his direct marketing knowledge to best serve his clients. 

When Feroze is not working, he can be found crafting new recipes, volunteering at a local food distribution charity, enjoying a Vikings game or improving his golf swing. 

He is blessed with his wife Sheila, their three adult children, and his alpha Maine Coon cat, Sher Khan, whose mission in life is to lead his Zoom meetings, type emails and run the household to his style.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.