Bob Powers

Creative Director

With 20 years of experience in design and creative direction, ranging from large agency to business ownership, Bob Powers actively leads the ENPOINTE’s creative team. His collaborative approach brings life to creative solutions that elevate brand strategies. He has won multiple awards including AdFed, Marcom, Davey, and GD USA for various design applications. He has worked on a multitude of branding and marketing projects for clients such as ADAMA, Lift Bridge Brewing Co., Dairy Queen, Gemini, HP, Land-O-Lakes, General Mills, Winfield and Toro. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, traveling, spending time with his wife and their Siberian Huskies, Jedi and Yoshi, and holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In college, I lost my passport and visa while in Madagascar, was deported to India and spent the night in a dirt floor cell.
I have collected insects that are in the Smithsonian Museum.
I’ve participated in Olympic trials for bowling(demonstration sport only) in 1988.

“I have a passion for enhancing brands. The ability to influence engagement through good design has always felt incredibly rewarding. It’s about building lasting connections.”