CAMP – Custom Asset Management Platform

Asset management software, stated simply, is a type of software that companies can purchase in order to manage and optimize the use of marketing assets and materials. This software is supposed to help teams to streamline workflows, prevent duplication and protect branding guidelines, and to simplify team processes. Despite the software’s good intentions to organize and increase the usage of content, research shows us that this isn’t necessarily always the case.

Marketing teams spend 3 weeks or more annuallysearching for images, videos, and other digital files, according to 33.4% of marketing employees*.

Furthermore, 51% of marketers waste money on producing or recreating assets that go unused because people don’t know they exist or can’t find them*. While large tech companies continue to push out asset management software that includes full-DAMs (and a hefty price tag…), consumers of the technology cannot help but notice that the asset management software is essentially recreating a more organized (and expensive) version of the original problem they started with. Marketers continue to have issues locating their assets due to the complexity and poor usability of the software. DAM software specifically tends to not be designed with the end users in mind: clients. DAM software can be too complicated for marketer’s clientele (such as retailers, dealers, doctors, offices, franchisees, etc.) as they aren’t as comfortable using this type of technology, because it was designed with marketers in mind.

Despite most current asset management software offerings not syncing up to both marketers and their end users’ needs, we are still witnessing incremental growth globally in the asset management market, which is projected to accelerate at a CAGR of 13.8% from 2020-2027.* Additionally, 26% of marketing budgets will be allocated to software over the next 12 months. Matching this pace, content creation is also anticipated to grow 26% over the same timeframe, thus creating more assets that need to be managed.

So essentially, the need to manage content will only continue to grow, but does this mean you have to invest in poorly tested, highly priced, and complicated DAM software? Not quite. When researching asset management platforms, Google often suggests related searches such as “simple asset management software”. This was our agency and technology team’s jumping off point, as we wanted to be able to suggest to our clients a solution that fit their needs, as the current asset management market’s offerings were unable to fulfill those.

After months of listening to our clients’ pain points and needs, as well as keeping a close eye on the asset management tech’s statistics, ENPOINTE decided it was time to deliver. Clients needed a software solution that wasn’t overly complex and was easy to navigate (not just for marketing teams, but for the end users as well). They wanted solutions equivalent to their company size, and to be able to customize the software to reflect their brand.

Our team of experts spent months researching, wireframing, designing, coding, UX-testing, and demoing our latest product offering, a tool that can manage assets in a simple, modern way.

We are proud to announce the solution to your asset management problems: CAMP™ – ENPOINTE’s Custom Asset Management Platform.

CAMP can help your brand deliver a consistent brand experience while simultaneously managing all your marketing assets and materials – vital in today’s fast-paced world. Maintaining versions of these branded marketing communication materials for your customers or sales force is an arduous job. CAMP™ (or Custom Asset Management Platform) is the online centralized brand management solution from ENPOINTE that simplifies this process to protect your brand and investment.

Key CAMP Features:

  • Leads with digital: House your digital assets by category type, including static assets, GIFs and video. Set customization guidelines and provide users with areas or elements they can customize – like changing a headline or image or adding a specific logo. Digital assets can be downloaded directly from the tool for use by the user.  Not only does CAMP manage your digital ads, emails, videos and GIFs, but you can house your brand assets such as versions of your logo.
  • Offers full print capabilities: House all of your print assets, offer customization and print on-demand, warehousing and shipping. 
  • Offers full promo capabilities: Offer a range of promo items, customization, warehousing and shipping.
  • User Profiles: Individual users can do things like save their specific company logo to their profile for use in customizing materials, so they don’t have to repeatedly upload.
  • Search/Meta Tagging: Fullsearch capabilities with the ability to set up asset searches by common keyword tagging.
  • Reporting: Full reporting for digital, print or promo items. (Includes usage, orders, and inventory for print and promo.)

Are you ready to take refuge in a wilderness of Brand Asset Management? Pack your bags, and head over to CAMP to schedule your demo today.

If you are interested in leading boldly through our holistic end-to-end approach to marketing for your brand, reach out to the ENPOINTE agency today. Whether you need us for the entirety of a campaign, or just to plug into key portions where your teams could lack the assets or experience, or for easy-to-use asset management software, our versatile team can support you – wherever you need us, as we understand how crucial each part of your strategy is.

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